Making ideas come to life.


Branding & Webdesign


Branding and webdesign is a passion here and love helping businesses stand out and shine. The aim is to design an identity that reflects your business and uniqueness. This journey should be an investment not an expense.

Packaging & Licensing


The Clare Jordan design collection has licensed designs for a range of products from stationary to home-wares for over a decade.

Packaging a product is the most important feature of converting a sale. Designing packaging for product that sits in shops like John Lewis and Avoca is where we shine.

Windows Displays


Working with clients like Bijouled for over a decade and creating award winning window displays is such a pleasure.

I have worked with many clients on marketing strategies, business planning, preparation for trade shows, pricing, market placement, branding and packaging. If you would like a consultation and need help in your business drop me a line: Prices start at €150.