Clare Jordan's designs have been licensed since 2008, when Cardmix in the UK signed and  the Diva range of greeting cards was born with huge success.


Currently there are many collaborations with wonderful manufacturers.

As a designer Clare works really well to deadlines and art can be formatted to specific requirements. Clare thinks outside the box and as she has her own handmade gift line and is in tune with market trends, manufacturing requirements and sales.

If you are interested in working with Clare please drop a line...she would love to hear from you.

Interview with Clare 

Describe your experience and achievements as a designer.
I studied textile design at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and after college worked in London, New York and New Zealand. I had the fortune to work with amazing designers such as Nigel Atkinson, Zambessi and the Oscar winner costume designer Nigla Dickson. In New York I worked for the wonderful design studio Dyenamix where we designed fabrics for designers such as Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and many of the Broadway shows…I’ve been very fortunate.

What made you want to become a artist/designer?
I’ve always loved art and design and my farming artistic background allowed me to explore creative and free thinking options. I knew that I would end up working in a creative environment and my passion for colour, pattern and decorative design was evident from an early age. My parents encouraged me to think outside the box and were delighted when I choose to attend NCAD…it was a wonderful experience for me and from then I totally felt that I was following the right path.

What inspires you to create art?
It could be a phrase, a photograph, a vintage cushion that I discover in a flea market or a new bloom in the garden. It’s part of who I am and it’s a reflex at this stage…I create, observe and collect art and inspiration every day…it’s simply what I do.

How would you describe your brand and design aesthetic?
The Clare Jordan brand is quirky, colorful and happy…designs that make you smile. Designs are full of sparkle, vintage, ephemera, and laugh out loud humor which appeals to women’s attitudes to modern life. Popular girly subjects such as shoes, gossip, retail therapy, partying and drinking habits are embellished with glitter, pattern and color to add to the overall glamour.

What is your proudest achievement as a designer? (if you have licensed products, feel free to highlight them here!)
I was thrilled to sign with Cardmix in 2008 and it totally introduced me into the world of licensing. It gave me a thrill when my cards were stocked in John Lewis (and now my jewelry) and last year I was just ecstatic when I signed with Clairefontaine. I love making, designing and coming up with new ideas and working with great companies allow me to do what I enjoy.

Where do you live and tell us about your family
I live in Ireland on a farm with my family and we have 2 dogs, a bird Pearl, a large garden and lots of space. My sisters live close by and they visit often with their families. I am not sure if it is our farming background but we are passionate about home produced food and we grow lots of fruit and vegetable and bake daily…we make our own jams and chutneys and this year are experimenting on making our own wine!! Jury’s out on that one.

A fun fact about you
I am not good at table quizzes, spelling or running…I laugh every day out loud, wear nail polish and lipstick…believe that life is a gift and must be enjoyed (with a little pretty)!

Agents and Manufacturers...what they say! 

I met Clare a few years ago in the BLE show in London where I passed by her booth and was very impressed with her unique and happy designs. I was received with a great, warm welcoming, big smile .
Clare presents a beautiful catalog with variety of options and designs that can fit many products categories and themes.
Clare’s designs present a sophisticated combination of illustration ,colors and photograph decorated with humor and unique wording about life and people .
A beautiful all over designs ,pretty and colorful illustration and interesting and rich colleagues presented in her guides. It is a great pleasure to work with Clare she is a smart and creative artist.
— Iris Parizer:
Clare is not only a very talented artist, who brings fancy and a good mood to her creations, but is also the sweetest person I have ever met. She always writes a good word and advice in emails exchanges.
She has several strings to her bow and could supply art work for all kinds of products.