The business

“ We do small things in a big way with sparkles.”

Clare Jordan is a unique artist with a successful career in textile design. After becoming head of textiles in a major TV production in New Zealand, working in textiles in New York, Clare returned to Ireland.

In 2007 Clare set up the business and it has grown from a kitchen table start-up to working with major international companies worldwide.  In the collections each sparkling treasure is designed with inspiring women in mind. All items in the collections are of the highest quality possible, and all will make the Woman in your life, whether it be you, or any other, feel special and cherished.

Operating from a farm in the beautiful village of  Ballon, Co. Carlow, in Ireland surrounded by the colourful kaleidoscope of rolling hills, and golden bales of Hay, there are over 100 different designs available. The range is constantly growing in response to creative inspiration and current trends.

Please feel free to browse through the site and you will find something beautiful to release your fabulous.

In Clare's Words

I am an artist  &  designer        

I live on a farm in Ireland and I’ve been running my handmade gift business (originally from my kitchen table) since 2007. I progressed from the table to a studio and the business has changed and grown in many ways since I first began. 

Originally I started my business as I needed to pay a mortgage, bring up my daughter...I wanted a job that would be flexible, ideally that I could do from home. I was working in a shop and I made some collages, framed them and brought them into the shop and guess what....they sold! I brought in more and soon the owners placed a little order and that was the start. I used to make them when my daughter went to bed and soon there were more shops placing orders. My mother loaned me some money and I showed in Atlanta (start small...right??) I wasn't ready, the products were not perfect and I honestly hadn't a clue...however it happened and it was great! 

Since then I've learned a little, moved home to Ireland, built a home and studio. I teach part time in Dublin National College of Art and Design (where I originally studied textiles),  have my handmade business, license art, design for various companies and I also am bringing up my daughter. Some days I am so together I think I should have a cape and other days I wonder who left me in charge and what were they thinking!!

I am passionate about colour, pattern, whimsy and high quality products, I think we should surround ourselves with beauty and things that make us smile