In Clare's Words

I am an artist  &  designer        

I live on a farm in Ireland and I’ve been running my handmade gift business (originally from my kitchen table) since 2007. I progressed from the table to a studio and the business has changed and grown in many ways since I first began. 

Originally I started my business as I needed to pay a mortgage, bring up my daughter...I wanted a job that would be flexible, ideally that I could do from home. I was working in a shop and I made some collages, framed them and brought them into the shop and guess what....they sold! I brought in more and soon the owners placed a little order and that was the start. I used to make them when my daughter went to bed and soon there were more shops placing orders. My mother loaned me some money and I showed in Atlanta (start small...right??) I wasn't ready, the products were not perfect and I honestly hadn't a clue...however it happened and it was great! 

Since then I've learned a little, moved home to Ireland, built a home and studio. I teach part time in Dublin National College of Art and Design (where I originally studied textiles),  have my handmade business, license art, design for various companies and I also am bringing up my daughter. Some days I am so together I think I should have a cape and other days I wonder who left me in charge and what were they thinking!!

I am passionate about colour, pattern, whimsy and high quality products, I think we should surround ourselves with beauty and things that make us smile

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